4 Tips for Fabric Shopping

Shopping for fabric can be challenging, especially when you’re not conversant with the different types of fabrics. When you starting sewing, you don’t want to find yourself underbuying or overbuying fabric. On the same note, you may buy the wrong fabric for a specific pattern and hence knowledge of fabric shopping is important.

Below are top tips you should consider when buying fabric.

1. Study the pattern envelop for the garment you want to make.

Different fabrics are used for certain patterns and if you use one that isn’t appropriate, you may not produce the best garment. The back of the pattern envelop has a list of suggested fabrics and you should choose from this or use a fabric with a similar weight and drape.

2. Determine the garment use and suitability.

Once you determine the use of the garment you aim to make, it’ll be easy for you to determine the type of fabric. Research online and establish the best fabric for your garment- whether it’s sportswear or you’re making baby clothes.

3. Determine the amount of fabric you want to buy.

You can easily determine the amount of fabric you need using your measurements and the company’s pattern chart size. For each pattern, there’s the suggested amount of fabric needed and you can convert this, considering the garment size you want. It’s always recommended you buy a slightly bigger fabric than the needed size for your garment to avoid encountering any shortages.

4. Inspect the fabric for colorfastness.

When shopping, spread the fabric to inspect it, ensuring it has a uniform color with no spots or streaks. Inspect the fold lines since they’re the most affected regions; if you see any lightness in color, you shouldn’t buy it, as this indicates the color will come out when you wash.

Closing thoughts

As is evident in this article, shopping for fabric shouldn’t be that challenging. By researching online and learning more about fabrics, you can be sure that you won’t be confused when shopping. Once you determine the fabric you want for your pattern and the size, it’ll be very easy to shop for the fabric.

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